An Attorney Can Help You Deal With Insurance Companies After An Accident

An Attorney Can Help You Deal With Insurance Companies After An Accident

One of the uncomfortable aspects of a motor vehicle accident is the necessity to deal with your insurance carrier. Even worse is the necessity to deal with the insurance carrier of the person with whom you were involved in an accident, especially when this person may be primarily or entirely at fault for the unfortunate event. An attorney experienced in representing motor vehicle accident victims can help.

When you have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident, it is a difficult proposition to believe that any insurance company will act in your best interest to help you fully recover your losses. Enlisting a personal injury attorney to help you deal with insurance companies in this stressful situation is really a “no-brainer.”

Personal injury attorneys charge contingency fees, which means that you don’t pay any legal fees unless you win your case. Thus, there is no valid reason in most cases to immediately hire an experienced personal injury attorney after any type of accident.

Insurance companies engage in unscrupulous conduct such as offering settlement at less than the full value of a claim, delaying the investigation into a claim, denying coverage, trying to intimidate you to accept an unfair settlement, or engaging in bad faith.

First and foremost, remember that regardless of how friendly and benevolent the insurance adjuster may seem, his or her job is to minimize the amount of money paid on each claim by either denying it or not recognizing its full value. Never agree to any request to make a recorded statement, at least, not without the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. Never sign anything, especially a release or settlement agreement, without having your attorney first review it.

Not only will a personal injury attorney provide guidance related to making any statements or signing any documents, a personal injury attorney will handle any negotiations with the insurance adjuster and take measures to ensure that your case is settled as soon as possible. Insurance companies are much more likely to delay paying the claims of those without attorneys than those who are represented by legal counsel.

An experienced attorney will fight so that you receive complete and fair compensation for your injuries. Also, if an insurance company fails to process your claim in a timely manner or attempts to utilize wrongful measures in processing the claim, an attorney may file a bad faith insurance claim on your behalf. Hiring an attorney when you have been involved in any type of accident just makes sense.

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