Social Media May Affect A Personal Injury Case

Social Media May Affect A Personal Injury Case

Social Media May Affect A Personal Injury Case

In the last fifteen to twenty years, we have seen the amazing and pervasive effects that social media has had on our everyday lives. Our law practice has also noted its permanent influence as we’ve seen social media affect personal injury cases and other legal matters. If you are involved in an accident and are a plaintiff in a personal injury case, rest assured that the defendant’s attorney, whether representing an insurance company, other individual or entity, will search your name on the internet, including social media of course, for any personal information that may be useful in defending, and ultimately limiting or denying, your claim.

Plain and simple, social media allows persons and entities with whom you are unacquainted to become more than a little familiar with intimate details of your life. Defense attorneys and insurance investigators use social media websites to research opposing parties and determine whether any fraud, conflicting statements, or additional information exists that may prove relevant to the lawsuit.

Use of social media is growing exponentially. Facebook has well over 1 billion users, LinkedIn, well over 100 million. More than 125,000 people sign up for Twitter each day. Of course, YouTube, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Google+ are also vastly popular. Consider these facts and that whatever you text, email, share, or post may be used against you in a court of law.

These websites may provide a source of evidence that affects proof of the existence of an alleged physical or emotional injury. Any evidence of physical activity that is inconsistent with an alleged injury or loss may affect the ultimate outcome of a case. Many personal invasions such as stalking and invasion of privacy may be more easily proven by posts made on social media websites.

Some precautions to take include never posting details about an accident, any ensuing injuries, or recovery from such injuries on a social media website or any other website, including any place you may write a personal blog. Do not upload videos and photos. Do not respond to the questions or comments of others about the accident. Remove any past posts that may be used against you to limit or deny your claim. Increase all privacy settings on all social media websites and last but not least, regularly “Google” yourself and see what information about yourself you uncover.

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