Damages In Georgia Personal Injury Cases, Part 2

Damages In Georgia Personal Injury Cases, Part 2

Damages In Georgia Personal Injury Cases, Part 2

Accidents and other instances in which personal injuries occur are typically unexpected by their victims. By virtue of this simple fact, personal injury cases may devastate victims and families. Accident victims may make a claim for damages against those parties that are legally responsible. An award of damages attempts to make a personal injury plaintiff whole after he or she is injured. This is not always a simple calculation since it may be challenging to value non-economic losses. Many victims suffer emotional trauma, which is primarily subjective and therefore often difficult to measure.

The primary purpose of a personal injury action is to restore the injured party to the position he or she was in prior to the occurrence of the injury. Damages must be calculable with reasonable certainty as a pre-requisite to any award. The primary goal of personal injury plaintiffs is the primary goal of the attorneys at H. Lehman Franklin, PC. It is our first and foremost priority to help injured parties receive all of the compensation to which they are legally entitled.

Here is the second part of a short primer on damages. Today’s article focuses on the damages available for non-economic, emotional loss in a personal injury case:

Damages for pain and suffering may be recovered in Georgia personal injury cases. These damages are intended to compensate plaintiffs for the physical and mental pain and anguish they have suffered as a result of their personal injuries and the disruption the pain of such injuries has caused to their everyday life.  

Such damages are difficult to quantify and therefore prove in a civil court. However, when the evidence indicates such damages are appropriate, they may be awarded for both past and future physical pain and suffering. Also, damages for permanent disfigurement may be recovered despite whether surgery is available to the injured victim.

Loss of consortium refers to damages for a spouse’s loss of the other spouse’s companionship and services, as well as the loss of a couple’s sexual relationship.

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