Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

As the holidays approach in Southern Georgia, cold, inclement winter weather is sure to make an appearance. Rain, freezing rain, and even snow may cause adverse driving conditions during the winter months in Georgia. While the holidays increase the amount of traffic on the road as people prepare for and celebrate them, it also a time when there are more motorists driving under the influence of alcohol. Car accidents and DUI citations usually increase during the winter holiday season. Here are some safety tips for traveling by motor vehicle during the holidays in Georgia:

Maintain your vehicle and prepare it for the Georgia winter. It is of the utmost importance that a vehicle is operating normally with no problems that may diminish the safety of passengers. For trips at times when the winter may be already bad or worsening, leave a few minutes earlier to make up for delays caused by poor road conditions. If such conditions are extremely severe, delay the trip until conditions improve. Severe winter conditions may cause difficulty with the car’s traction and other issues with visibility. Even in Georgia.

If you are drinking, use a designated driver. High blood alcohol levels may impair driving and increase the risk of an accident causing injury or death. Appoint a designated driver for all holiday events where alcohol is being served and you plan on fully participating. Remember, even a first DUI may result in jail time and become part of your criminal record. Using a designated driver avoids the risk of DUI accidents and citations.

Avoid driving with distractions. Texting or using a phone while driving significantly increases the risk of injury. Over the last decade, injuries and deaths caused by distracted drivers have increased drastically. It is wise to safely pull off of the road to make a phone call or text.

Don’t speed. Speeding diminishes reaction time and with more drivers on the road because of the holidays, there is an increased risk of an accident. There are also more police on the road so speeding during the holidays increases the chance that the police will pull you over and reward with an unwanted holiday gift in the form of a speeding ticket.

Observe all precautions to ensure the safety of younger, smaller passengers. It is extremely important to protect children by ensuring full compliance with Georgia’s child car seat safety laws. See future blogs for more on this important topic.

Sufficiently plan trips in advance. You should always plan trips in advance and monitor weather and traffic reports before and during the trip. A GPS system or paper map will be useful, as will a road kit in the case of road emergencies.

Drive defensively. Always drive defensively and try not to be habitually in a hurry. Don’t run red lights and always show awareness of your immediate and upcoming environment and situation. Expect the unexpected. Happy Holidays!

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