Georgia Slip and Fall Basics

Georgia Slip and Fall Basics

Georgia Slip and Fall Basics

Accidents may occur at any time, in any place. When some force outside of an injured party’s control causes an accident, some difficult questions may arise, but there is legal recourse available. Lehman Franklin and Kimberly Ward have years of experience litigating on behalf of Georgia slip-and-fall victims.

We never know what lurks behind the door of a building. We enter public places every day typically with the assumption that the owner of the premises has taken all necessary precautions to ensure our safety. However, this isn’t always the normal case. Whether the owner’s failure to meet its duty is based on oversight, a tight pocketbook, or even a reckless disregard, these failures create risks that we face when we enter public places.

A great number of persons are injured every year while present on the property of another due to a dangerous condition. These conditions include slippery floors, insufficient lighting, poor maintenance, and even poor security. Such injuries are often severe, life-threatening or fatal.

Georgia law holds property owners and occupiers to a duty of ordinary care to keep their premises safe for visitors that are present on such property for a lawful purpose. Individuals that are present on property for a lawful purpose are considered “invitees” and include hotel guests, shoppers, and other patrons.

As a result of these legal requirements, a property owner or occupier has a duty to inspect the premises for clear dangers and correct any that it finds or otherwise warn guests of their existence. A failure to remedy a condition or warn of its existence when the property owner is aware of it may subject such owner or occupier to liability if the condition causes an injury to an invited party.

Establishing the elements of a personal injury case requires the experience and expertise of the personal injury attorneys at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. who are always ready and available to fight for and protect your legal rights. We will fight for you when you’ve been victimized by an unsafe condition resulting from the negligence of the owner or occupier of premises that you visited and assumed would be safe.

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