Distracted Driving and Georgia Law

Distracted Driving and Georgia Law

Distracted Driving and Georgia Law

Like many states, the Georgia legislature has addressed the need to regulate the use of mobile devices by drivers on the roads and highways of Georgia. State law distinguishes adults and those under the age of 18 as far as who may do what with a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. Today’s blog briefly summarizes Georgia state law related to distracted driving and mobile phone use.

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Unlike some states, Georgians are permitted to talk on the phone in their motor vehicle using both hands-free and handheld devices. However, all drivers are banned from texting and driving in Georgia. This law, as many of us know, is strictly enforced in our state. Many have complained about receiving tickets for texting while their vehicle is stopped. This ban applies to all devices, whether an I-phone, tablet, computer or another device. Thus, working on your tablet or computer while driving is not only unwise and dangerous, it’s subject to a Georgia traffic citation.

However, young or novice drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using hand-held or hands-free cell phones while operating any motor vehicle. Public policy for this law derives from the fact that this group of drivers is prohibited from using any type of electronic device while driving because their immaturity and inexperience make them more easily susceptible to distraction. There is also a Georgia primary law that prohibits school bus drivers from using both hand-held and hands-free cell phones while driving.

Georgia law does contain exceptions for situations where drivers are safely parked, first responders are performing official duties, public utility employees are acting in response to related emergencies, and drivers are reporting an accident or another emergency.

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